Are you tired of coming home to find another mess on your floor?

If potty accidents are making your life a misery, we have a solution for you. Every dog can be trained to potty outside, and we have helped hundreds of owners to overcome their dog's house training issues.

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Our program, Mastering Potty Training, is designed to help you re-train your dog that's been having lifelong toilet accidents at home by helping you understand the causes of potty problems, tapping into your dog's instinctual cleanliness, and teaching  your dog to toilet ONLY outside. 

With over 20 easy-to-follow lessons and the ability to ask unlimited questions to our trainer, you'll learn everything you need to know to re-train desirable toileting habits in your adult dog. 

PLUS, you'll get our unique ACTION PLAN that steps you through the entire process.

Our step-by-step instructions, and fear-free training have helped hundreds of dog owners achieve toilet training success. 

And with lifetime access to the program, you can refer back to the course whenever you need to refresh your memory or troubleshoot a new issue.

Don't let toilet accidents ruin your relationship with your dog. Sign up for our program today for only $49 Trust us, you won't regret it.

This course is for those who:

  • Have been cleaning up accidents in their home for a long time
  • Didn't potty train their dog while it was a puppy
  • Weren't consistent with toilet training or didn't do it properly
  • Have just adopted a new dog (not a puppy) and want to start toilet training with them

This course is not for those who:

  • Have a new puppy - we have a special puppy toileting course for that
  • Live with multiple dogs - potty training multiple dogs is different to potty training one dog
  • Have a dog who has just started having accidents inside but who was previously toilet trained.

Lifetime Access To This Course

  • Gain insight into the root causes of potty problems

  • Utilize your dog's natural instinct for cleanliness

  • Benefit from unlimited access to our trainer's expertise

  • Discover effective techniques to ensure your dog only goes outside

  • Foster positive potty habits for puppies and adult dogs alike

  • Establish a solid foundation for long-term potty training success

  • Lifetime Access

    When you purchase this course, you will have lifetime access so you can come back for a refresher anytime you need.

  • Simplified Training

    This course helps you master potty training with easy, manageable steps.

  • Step By Step Instructions

    This course will give you well-explained step by step instructions so you can get started with training straight away.

Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    Understanding Potty Habits

    • The Natural Cleanliness of Dogs and Its Impact on Toilet Training

    • Dog Toileting Needs & Signals

  • 3

    Developing Our Dog's Toilet Training Program

    • Creating Our Dog's CanineQuarter™

    • Selecting Our Dog's Primary Designated Toileting Area

    • What If I'm Not Home During The Day?

    • Cleaning Our Dog's Living Area

    • Establish A Clear Toileting Schedule

    • Understanding The Rule Of 5™

  • 4

    How To Toilet Train Your Dog - The Process

    • Taking Our Dog Out At The Designated Times

    • Supervising Our Dog & Catching Them In The Act

    • Rinse And Repeat

    • The Importance Of Consistency

  • 5

    The Next Step - Giving Your Dog More Freedom At Home

    • Expanding Our Dog's CanineQuarter™

    • Continuing To Give Our Dog More Space

    • Smart Toilet Training Hack

  • 6

    Gentle Reminders

    • Bouncing Back: Strategies for Handling Setbacks

    • Toilet Training Timeframes

    • The Bigger Picture