Stop Undesirable Puppy Behaviours


Understand WHY Your Puppy Displays Undesirable Behaviours Such As Biting, Mouthing, Jumping Up & Why They Have Toilet Accidents Inside.

Learn HOW To Fix It!

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  • Get My 3 Step Process For Reducing Undesirable Behaviours In Your Puppy!

  • We'll Specifically Use This Process To Tackle Toileting Accidents, Puppy Biting & Mouthing, And Jumping Up!

  • Not Only This But You'll Gain An Understanding Of The WHY Behind These Undesirable Puppy Behaviours So You Can Apply The Same Process To Other Undesirable Behaviours!

  • I'll Explain What You Need To Do To If Your Puppy "Isn't Listening" To You!

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  • $29.00

    $29.00Everything You Need To Know About Socialising Your Puppy

    [BEST SELLER] Socialising Your Puppy Is Not Just About Meeting People & Dogs. Learn How To Properly Socialise Your Puppy To Different Sights, Sounds, Surfaces, People & Dogs. PLUS, Learn What A Typical Social Session Looks Like For Me As A Dog Trainer! Normally $59.99 When Bought Separately, Get It For Only $29 When Added To Your Order Now!
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  • $7.00

    $7.00Dealing With Attention Seeking Behaviours In Puppies

    How Do You Respond When Your Puppy Is Barking For Attention? Find Out In This Video! Normally $15 - Get It For $7 When You Add It To Your Order
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  • $7.00

    $7.00Teaching Your Puppy To Respond To Their Name

    Teach Your Puppy How To Respond To Their Name & How To Use This To Get Focus. Normally $15 If You Bought Separately, Get It For $7 When You Add To Your Order
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Reducing Puppy Biting, Jumping & Indoor Accidents Now!

Understand The Why & How Of Your Puppy's Behaviour